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Men's Shoes

  • The most popular football boots of all time, and not just by chance. The adidas Copa Mundial shoes have an upper made of full-grain leather and a two-layer sole, which has been the standard for comfort and performance on the pitch for decades. ADVANTAGES: The leather upper is durable, light and fits well. Comfortable EVA insole. Quick-drying synthetic lining. Directly injected sole for optimal comfort. Durable sole with excellent grip on solid natural surfaces.

  • DROP: 10 mm With the men's running shoe GEL-CUMULUS 22 you will run further than you might think. This model is ideal for runners with a neutral tread who are looking for training shoes on the road. The upper is seamless and smooth with larger perforations for better breathability with 3D construction. The soft collar around the ankle is replaced by a new design, at the same time the height of the midsole under the heel has been reduced, which contributes to even greater overall lightness of the shoe. Each step is perfectly damped and at the same time provides a more comfortable reflection back to your next step forward thanks to a special silicone (GEL®) under the heel and toe with FLUIDRIDE technologií technology. The Trusstic® system supports the arch of the foot while increasing functional strength. The sole has a new pattern and appearance and is made of AHAR rubber. ADVANTAGES: Textile, mesh upper for perfect breathability. FLYTEFOAM technology ™ Propeller providing back suspension with reduced weight, this material has up to 5% higher return than the classically used spEVA. The AHAR ™ sole with higher abrasion resistance, offers greater comfort and the necessary grip. Perfect damping under the direction of GEL ™ technology for the back and front of the foot. GUIDANCE LINE technology ™ adaptation of the platform between the foot and the surface Impact damping and protection of the musculoskeletal system with the help of FLUIDRIDE ™.
  • DROP: 10 mm Indulge in maximum running comfort with the adidas ULTRABOOST 20 running shoes. This is the summer edition of the well-known and incredibly comfortable shoes. The main change compared to the classic version is the upper, which has undergone a major change. There is a net, which makes up the vast majority of the shoe's coverage and thanks to which this shoe offers a completely different dimension of breathability. Even on very hot summer days, the shoe can ventilate well and ensure that your foot stays dry. In addition, the net fits very nicely, encircles the foot and adapts. The flexible Stretchweb sole made of Continental rubber ensures a longer service life of the shoe. The soft elastane heel guarantees the natural movement of the Achilles tendon. Active suspension ensures a return on energy and a smooth step. ADVANTAGES: Tight-fitting construction. Mesh knit upper. Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) reinforcement technology. Highly functional running shoes. Flexible Stretchweb sole made of Continental rubber.
  • Puma POPCAT 20 slippers are suitable for the pool, the beach or the garden. Comfort is provided by a padded synthetic leather strap and an EVA sole for additional softness and cushioning. The Puma logo is on the booties.
  • Puma COZY FLIP REBEL CAMO flip-flops will be suitable for wearing by the pool or on the beach. The tapes are made of fabric, so you won't experience plastic abrasions. The style is provided by the camo print and the Puma logo.
  • The adidas ADILETTE COMFORT slippers are suitable for school, the city or even the swimming pool. The soft sole ensures comfort. Thanks to the quick-drying material, they are suitable for water. Traditional adidas design.
  • The Vans UA ComfyCush Authentic sneakers are a classic model from this brand in a red design, which will fit any outfit.
  • Asics SOLUTION SPEED FF men's tennis shoes are designed to help each player accelerate, especially on an artificial surface. This technically advanced shoe includes all kinds of technologies, including FLYTEFOAM ™ Lyte in the midsole, which increases reflectivity, and GEL ™ technology in the front at the back of the shoe for excellent shock absorption. The TWISTRUSS ™ system helps to soften shocks and gives freedom of movement of the foot, while the AHAR ™ sole boasts highly abrasion-resistant rubber in areas with high wear. The PGUARD ™ tip protector prevents damage caused by frequent abrasions in the front of the instep. BENEFITS: FLYTEFOAM ™ Lyte technology. TWISTRUSS system ™. Sole AHAR ™. Removable insole ORTHOLITE ™. PGUARD tip protector ™. GEL technology ™ in the back and front of the foot.
  • The METARACER ™ Tokyo shoe is made for runners who want to get the most out of their fast-paced training and race. The limited color design of Sunrise Red symbolizes and celebrates Japan and especially the capital Tokyo. There are also drainage holes on the upper through which water gets out of the shoe. GUIDESOLE ™ technology has an improved tip shape. Both of these elements reduce the movement of the ankle joint, so that runners save energy at every step. The swaying movement you feel in this shoe moves the foot forward and guarantees a unique running experience. The METARACER ™ Tokyo shoe with GUIDESOLE ™ shoe is designed to take you to the next level. Mesh upper FLYTEFOAM damping technology ™ GUIDESOLE technology ™ helps save energy ASICSGRIP sole ™ ensures great traction
  • DROP: 10 mm Enjoy comfort with every step in the men's Asics GEL-NIMBUS 22 running shoe. This version is suitable for neutral runners. The Nimbus 22 offers a more comfortable tread thanks to GEL ™ technology, which absorbs shocks under the heel and toe and thus helps reduce concussions. Improved GEL technology further reduces foot strain, while FLYTEFOAM-Propel midsole provides a more energetic ride. The so-called GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC ™ guide line provides stability, reduces the weight of the shoe and prolongs its life. In the men's model, this technology provides added support. The light, newly designed mesh upper allows the feet to feel increased breathability and offers a supportive and adaptable insole. The GEL-NIMBUS ™ 22 model is designed with runners reaching long distances in mind, more foam has been implemented in the midsole, to reduce the severity of hard impacts. In addition, the lightweight AHAR ™ sole reduces the overall level of wear. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, the GEL-NIMBUS ™ 22 running shoes are designed to provide soft cushioning and a more sensitive step. ADVANTAGES: GEL technology ™ in the front and back of the shoe. Soft, breathable and adaptable upper. Upper part made of uniform material without seams. Shaped midsole FLYTEFOAM ™ Propel. Durable sole AHAR ™. Shaped midsole FLYTEFOAM ™ Propel. Durable sole AHAR ™. Shaped midsole FLYTEFOAM ™ Propel. Durable sole AHAR ™.
  • Vans UA COMFYCUSH ERA sneakers are comfortable sneakers with an even softer COMFYCUSH sole, this time in an all-black variant.