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Women's Slippers

  • You can use the highly durable women's universal indoor shoes Asics GEL-HUNTER 3 for sqaush, floorball or badminton. Wherever you need shoes that will hold you during your game, they will provide you with the necessary stability when hitting. The PGUARD element (reinforced rubber and resin compound) provides increased durability and protection of the toe of the shoe, which wears out the most during play. Asics, Asics GEL-HUNTER 3 will last more and more of your match. The ease of movement on the court with rapid changes of direction is ensured by the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM, which lightens and strengthens the shoe. Each of your impacts on the court is absorbed by the GEL cushioning system under the heel, which transfers energy to your bounce. ADVANTAGES: Universal indoor shoes for various indoor sports. Stable shoes for fast play. GEL damping under the heel. Lightweight shoe construction. Highly durable and breathable shoe.
  • Women's slippers are designed for everyday use in your free time. Thanks to the quality material, they are very durable. The foam midsole provides easy shock absorption when walking. The booties are very comfortable even when walking barefoot. The synthetic upper has foam padding. The booties are also easily sprung thanks to the phylon foam, which is located in the midsole and sole.
  • The new Asics GEL-BLADE 6 shoe provides comfort and stability. This innovative model is designed for fast and aggressive players. Comes with a redesigned seamless upper made of RhynoSkin® synthetic leather with high abrasion resistance, the perforated instep ensures breathability and ventilation. The heel and toe are reinforced with GEL and the foot is thus perfectly fixed in the shoe, and at the same time it sits comfortably thanks to the Personal Heel Fit ® memory foam in the heel part, which remembers the heel imprint. The transition sole is composed of different densities of SpEVA and traditional EVA. These densities are distributed in such a way as to achieve easy braking, abrupt changes of direction and lateral stability. The lightweight NC Rubber® Outsole sole made of special rubber eliminates slipping and is thus sticky even in wet areas of the court or court. BENEFITS: Innovative RhynoSkin® seamless upper. Damping by GEL units under the toe and heel. The NC Rubber® Outsole sole sticks even in wet areas of the court or court. The Personal Heel Fit ® in the heel remembers the heel imprint. Reinforced abrasion-resistant tip.
  • Women's slippers are designed for everyday use in your free time. The foam midsole provides important shock absorption when walking, the gentle serration slightly massages your feet. Slippers are very comfortable, especially when walking barefoot. They are made of phylon foam, which is located in the midsole and sole. Thanks to the quality material, they are very durable.
  • These exclusive Puma Platform Slide slippers offer trendy finely embroidered graphics on the full suede upper of the buckle. The shoes have a nicely padded and shaped soft insole for excellent comfort and convenience.
  • Women's Under Armor flip flops. Ideal footwear for wet environments thanks to the material that dries quickly. Soft material for comfort when walking on hard surfaces.
  • The Nike Benassi Duo Ultra Slide women's slippers from the Nike Sportswear collection enhance their classic look with two leather straps over the instep and the Nike logo print. Comfortable slippers with a soft tread are made of light material, the sole is specially cut, which makes this model the lightest of all. You will appreciate sufficient springing of the sole, especially during long walks. You can use them on hot summer days for casual wear in the city or on the beach.
  • The Asics GEL-BLADE 7 women's squash, badminton and floorball shoes are comfortable with excellent cushioning thanks to the GEL ™ technology in the back of the shoe. The ORTHOLITE insole will also provide you with the necessary comfort inside the shoe. If necessary, the ORTHOLITE ™ insole can be easily replaced with an insole that suits you. The shoes provide incredible stability thanks to the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM ™ technology, which prevents it from deforming during fast movements and changes of direction. The insole with a grid helps the feet to breathe when they warm up during sports. The AHAR + ™ sole makes the sole durable and protects against abrasion caused by excessive wear. BENEFITS: SpEVA midsole. AHAR + and NC RUBBER sole. Mesh insole. TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology. GEL damping under the heel. Removable ORTHOLITE insole.
  • Asics AS003 slippers rely on simplicity and comfort. They are made of very durable and light material. Whether you take them to the water or to school, you will always be well taken care of.
  • Women's comfortable slippers suitable for spending free time. The flip flops are made of durable material.
  • Puma POPCAT 20 slippers are suitable for the pool, the beach or the garden. Comfort is provided by a padded synthetic leather strap and an EVA sole for additional softness and cushioning. The Puma logo is on the booties.
  • Puma COZY FLIP REBEL CAMO flip-flops will be suitable for wearing by the pool or on the beach. The tapes are made of fabric, so you won't experience plastic abrasions. The style is provided by the camo print and the Puma logo.