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List of products by brand Oliver

  • Lightweight indoor shoes Oliver S 110 Indoorshoe is a special shoe for squash and badminton. Its advantages are maximum comfort, good shock absorption and safety ensured by antiwist technology, which protects you from spraining the ankle, and a non-slip sole. The sole allows players excellent contact with the surface and does not leave smudges on the court. Specifications Very light and durable shoes Special midsole for shock absorption Made of synthetic leather Long life Long adaptability to the shape of the foot
  • Men's indoor shoes Oliver CX 900 is designed for all indoor sports (squash, badminton, floorball, handball, ricochet…). This model has a non-slip sole, ensures high stability and maximum contact with the surface. At the same time, it leaves no traces and absorbs shocks. It reduces the risk of spraining the ankle and is made of a material that adapts to the foot with regular use.