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List of products by brand Saucony

  • Saucony Ride 9 is still fresh, but can't wait to run out. Thanks to new technologies, it is more dynamic and comfortable than before. It will add a swing to your step thanks to the flexible tapping from the EVERUN tread zone. The sole responds to the needs of the foot and provides comfortable cushioning. Thanks to this, stepping on the heel is even softer and the load on the front part of the foot during rebound is minimal. The top TRI-FLEX sole provides better contact with the ground and optimal flexibility in bounce. With Saucony Ride 9, every mile will be as easy as the first one. weight: 264 g weight: 235 g difference in sole: 8 mm
  • Enjoy your running experience to the fullest thanks to Breakthr 3. This shoe is exceptional with its responsive insole, which will further enhance your pace. Breakthru was able to blur the line between daily training and unique racing performance. The upper of the shoe is made of a special fabric for perfect lightness, flexibility and absolute comfort. The inner support of the foot ensures a firm hug and reliable stability. The EVERUN upper sole provides comfortable cushioning at the same time as energetic reflection. The TRI-FLEX sole provides better ground contact and optimal flexibility in rebound. weight: 247 g weight: 213 g difference in sole: 8 mm
  • Running without rules Anytime, anytime, anywhere. This is exactly how you will be ready to run in Freedom ISO 2 shoes with EVERUN cushioning and ISOKNIT upper. This comfortable and well-crafted upper fits you perfectly, holds your foot reliably, is breathable and does not hinder movement, so nothing will stop you. EVERUN full-length midsole EVERUN Topsole layer ISOKNIT dynamic upper
  • Long run with a ticket to the first class Model Triumph 17 is our shoes with the highest damping for runners who are looking for the best protection. Thanks to that, you will be able to handle even the longest runs in it and you will not regret it the next day. An even more intense feeling of flexibility The new generation of PWRRUN + damping is quick and responsive, and you will feel great strength and freshness when running. It's about performance. It uses 25% lighter damping than the lightest previous versions, so nothing will keep you in it. Simply, the luxury of FORMFIT will hug your leg comfortably and adapt perfectly to it.
  • Light shoe, record time For those who are really good at themselves. Kinvara 11 light shoes are designed for runners who are interested in efficiency, speed and new people. Light and fast The new PWRRUN cushioning is again light and responsive, so you will quickly like these shoes for everyday running or long-distance racing. A dose of new energy The flexible sole handles the fast transition from impact to rebound. You won't even feel it on your foot FORMFIT adapts perfectly to your foot in all directions.
  • The Race Pace T-shirt will quickly become your partner for running, training and all other activities, because it looks good and fits you perfectly. As runners, we have already noticed what happens to the body when moving. And we have now used this knowledge when working on this collection suitable for training, at home and abroad. We used luxury fabrics with purely functional details. What the run has taught us, we now bring to you in a stylish design. The soft perforated fabric removes moisture perfectly and ensures comfort from warming up to cooling. Ironed front pocket with reflective hem and reflective details in the middle on the back protect you in the dark and in the dark. Ironed bottom hem and side slits protect against abrasion.
  • Freedom Tank is back! It is made of DriReleaseTM Freedom Fabric and has VENTLITE mesh on the back, so it perfectly wicks away moisture, cools and is breathable and very comfortable. DriReleaseTM Freedom Fabric, VENTLITE Mesh back, flat seams for even greater comfort, antimicrobial anti-odor treatment, reflective hem tag
  • The perfect tank top for running and training. Thanks to the seamless design and cleverly placed zones made of mesh, it will cool you down, you will stay nicely dry and not rub off. Maximum functionality and minimum seams, that's the right combination for running and training. The intelligent distribution of the net facilitates air circulation, so it cools you down and you are dry.
  • You don't have to stay home when it's cold outside. In our comfortable T-shirt with long sleeves Brisk Long Sleeve made of fabric with a weight ideal for autumn weather and in a close-fitting cut with stylish stripes, you will be beautifully warm. Run in style with a modern boat neckline. Thanks to the long and narrow cut, it will not win and you will always be warm. The holes on the thumbs will prevent them from rolling up and layering clothes will be a breeze.